14 Handwritten Fonts Free for your Lifestyle Blog Branding

Branding, many people think that it is only a logo, brand, font and colour. However, choosing the right font for it reflects the value and branding of the brand as well as the potential target group. It is necessary to build a strong and popular brand. So I decided to do a series of posts “Creating a blog!” In which I will describe everything that is related to building a brand around your blog / page. How to find the right niches and create a strong image, including logos, typography, post graphics etc. The first topic will be about the fonts that help create a unique and individual image of your brand and your style.


At the beginning, you should think about the style of your blog / page and what you intend to use them for. As for the choice of fonts for the brand of the blog, you should focus on non-encrypted for the main content, because it is easier to read. The best font will be Serif, which is elegant and No. 1 for titles, and 100% for large headers. So to the point, why do we need these handwritten fonts? Do you want to distinguish yourself? Do you want to attract readers’ eyes? Handwritten fonts are perfect for the logo. The next place where you can use them will be the title of the blog, remember the large font, otherwise you will have to use the magnifying glass to read. The next months are signatures, e.g. Email, or the author of the blog. Fashion blogs, or personal blogs, should use handwritten fonts because it shows how you engage with your whole heart in a blog. Readers consider this to be more identifying with them. A bit of written accents can make things more attractive!

Here anyone can read, share & grab my freebies

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Shorelines Script   – For personal & commercial use
Southern Jannie  – For personal & commercial use
Justwinch Signature – For personal & commercial use
Luna – For personal & commercial use
The Doctor – For personal & commercial use
Bromello – For personal & commercial use
La Paloma – For personal & commercial use
Gallatone – For personal & commercial use
Bombinate – For personal use
Holiday – For personal & commercial use
Anthoni Signature – For personal & commercial use
Mansions – For personal & commercial use
The Skinny – For personal & commercial use
Marlies For personal & commercial use


Raustila – For personal & commercial use


14 great, handwritten fonts for your website or blog. You can search the internet for hours to find this one font. There are many sites where you can download free or free script fonts and handwritten fonts. However, you must make sure that its license allows its use. If you are a lifestyle blogger, the personal license for use is quite okay. However, if you intend to have a profitable brand, you must use only free fonts for commercial use. So as on a tray, here are my favorite fonts, free and not especially for you and your blog! Have fun using handwritten fonts.


Love, Agatha

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