Digital marketing part 1

Digital marketing, anyone who wants to create a career as a digital designer in an industry that develops unbelievably should have several skills mastered perfectly. In particular, specialize in one specific point.  This may involve knowledge about the social media network, focusing on technical skills or coping with digital marketing. It all helps if we think […]


1. Social Media Links Social media has become the most popular and easiest form of communication. With the recent announcement from Facebook that over 2 Billion people log in daily to use their website, it would be ludicrous not to tap into this medium to reach out to a wider audience. By using an easy to […]

MT. Tyszka furniture catalogue

I was responsible for business card design and catalog of furniture for MT. Tyszka. Furniture store Which is engaged in manufacturing custom furniture. The visualizations based on customer suggestions and Their own projects. We adapt the furniture to housing and Requirements of our customers. All photos from the catalog I did personally. And then I […]

Barber in a box

I was responsible for designing the logo and packaging for the gel aftershave. The main profile of the company are male hairdresser, haircut, grooming and shaving of facial hair. Logo will be used on websites, advertising materials and placed on the stationary points providing w / in service. I had to conclude in the color […]

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