How to Design The Perfect Facebook Cover

Your Facebook page is a large, exposed image just above your Facebook profile, just above your profile photo on Facebook. Just like a profile photo, the photo on the cover is public, so anyone who can be in your profile can see it. On the one hand, you can take an old picture from a desktop computer, mobile device or cloud service and set it as a cover, but do not kid yourself with ordinary photos you can’t do much, be creative on Facebook! Regardless of what you choose, remember that adapting your own cover to the platform provides benefits that are not limited to a more beautiful image. This is especially important if you use your Facebook profile also for professional and business purposes.

Here are some clever ideas and suggestions around creating the perfect Facebook cover.

facebook cover pack

Using a Facebook Cover Template

Buying a template and modifying it is one of the easiest ways to customize your cover. The template is a pre-designed graphic that allows you to personalize your profile in a seamless way. There is also a lot of freedom: templates usually contain a whole range of customizable images and fonts. Thus, while the template will be improved to a certain extent (read: the default layout of the cover), there is still a high degree of personalization due to the fact that templates allow you to customize images, fonts, colors and copies or text to your liking. Templates are usually available in PSD (Photoshop data file), PDF or JPG for convenience and compatibility. Depending on the designer who created the template, you’ll also have a choice of different themes. For example, some templates are geared towards a more minimalist or white approach to space, while others have a more detailed theme, such as a wedding or a headshot. After combining a specific theme, such as these possibilities, with almost unlimited ways to customize various elements in the template, you have a lot of freedom in creating your own template.

Here are some examples of a great facebook cover.

facebook cover page

How to Add Your Facebook Cover Photo

Despite which template you will choose or create by yourself , you’ll still have to take your cover photo and upload it to your Facebook profile. According to Facebook, your cover photo “displays at 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on your Page on computers and 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones”. However, you will find that most templates and reputable social media blogs recommend going with 851 x 315 px, since that is what Facebook recommends to improve loading speed as a sRGB JPG file.

This always-up-to-date article by Buffer does a great job of outlining the latest specifications around Facebook cover images and videos.

Doing so takes only a few steps:

  • Step 1 – Sign into your Facebook profile
  • Step 2 – Hover with your cursor over top of the “Update Cover Photo” signifier at the top-left of the current cover image
  • Step 3 – Click on Update Cover Photo, or click on Add Cover Photo if there’s no image yet on your cover
  • Step 4 – Decide whether you want to upload an entirely new image or just choose one from your current collection
  • Step 5 – After you select an image, you’re able to reposition it by clicking on it and then dragging it up or down
  • Step 6 – Finish by clicking on Save Changes

The Benefits of Using a Facebook Cover

Depending on whose profile you stumble upon, you’ll notice that some people and even businesses just don’t bother with adding an image to make their cover section presentable and attractive. Reasons range from the perception of the process being too complicated to underestimating the usefulness of having such a cover in place for your brand.

At this point, now that we’ve looked at how to either get a superb template or design your own cover, it makes sense to explore the benefits of adding a cover to your Facebook profile—and there are many measurable benefits to go around.

99designs’ eye-opening infographic takes a look at some hard stats of brands and businesses that have a Facebook cover:

  • Brands with a redesigned cover are 130% more successful than those without
  • 82% of small businesses (businesses with fewer than 100 employees) with redesigned covers received increases Likes while only 35% of other businesses saw increased Likes
  • 79% of businesses with a redesigned cover had greater engagement than those without (broken down into 78% of those that had a greater number of Likes, 32% that had more comments, and 11% that saw more online sales)

Data like this is extremely vital because it makes a persuasive case that using covers for your profile isn’t just nice to look at. In addition, if you’re a brand or are running a business, utilizing a cover with an on-point image that’s consistent with your branding can lead to better results on everything from Likes to actual conversions on your site.

Covers Are an Extension of Your Branding

If you’re a brand or a design business, you should realize how important a stunning cover image will be to driving more conversions, sales, and engagements—all desirable outcomes if you are selling your design expertise and services.

Having the right cover that matches your branding and captures people’s attention when they land on your Facebook profile is essential to your business. The most straightforward route would be to simply get a beautiful and well-designed Facebook cover template from our marketplace. If you feel a bit more adventurous and have the extra time to put in to design your own from a bunch of preset layouts, there are several web-based cover creators that you can delve into.

At the end of the day, what really matters is getting an impressive an on-brand design as your cover, so you can attract more business, sales, and engagement.

Digital marketing part 1

Digital marketing, anyone who wants to create a career as a digital designer in an industry that develops unbelievably should have several skills mastered perfectly. In particular, specialize in one specific point.  This may involve knowledge about the social media network, focusing on technical skills or coping with digital marketing. It all helps if we think seriously about working as a professional digital marketer. Not only when it comes to this field, always if we want to be the best, we should know a lot on a given topic, but only focus on a particular topic very deeply.

Know more, earn more

The ability to use different digital skills is one of the favors forward, in particular that not everyone are capable for design. To illustrate, small companies do not have a large budget, so simple that they prefer to hire someone who has several digital skills than just who specializes in only one. So remember, you must always know a lot if you think about digital work.

Specialize in specific field of work

When it comes to specializing in a specific area, it has a large potential for potential clients and employers. It helps to determine what exactly you are good at (even at the lowest level) Moreover, only that you are good is not enough, you have to show yourself to the world. You can do it using facebook, instagram, linkedIn etc. Facebook page is the basis nowadays if you think about business.

Creating a brand for yourself that sells

Create a brand that will represent you and impress other people on the web. You must find something that will stand out from the crowd, something that gives you a unique look and will attract the attention of the audience. It can be a design style, maybe an interesting blog or perhaps a unique color scheme.


free themes

10 Free themes – WordPress March 2018

Over the last month have been quite a lot of interesting free WordPress themes online. I am extremely pleased to introduce this series as a monthly update. Trends in recent years mean that many themes have a structure that is not outdated – simple and minimalistic layouts are always on top and choosing a classic blog theme is sure – perfect for people starting blogging. Most of the themes that have appeared on the blog so far, are always great.

1. Laura Lite

The list opens with a blog about a grateful, feminine name. The theme has a lot of interesting options: the ability to set a classic layout, entries can also be displayed in two columns. In addition, for entries we have several structure options (to be suspected in the demo version). On the main page, we can also distinguish the recommended content, the instagram in the footer looks great – and that’s only part of the options, the theme makes a really good impression.


see demo | download

2. Elara

The theme, which has a simple, warehouse layout – cool will work, among others for culinary blogs (as it is in the demo preview) or for creative or fashion – wherever the main photo of the entry plays a big role. The edition of the theme is very simple, has some interesting solutions (eg the distinction of entries by category), the theme layout itself – the menu, the entry page, typography – are very well-polished.


see demo | download

3. Travelop Lite

Classic, very simple in settings – a great theme for people who just know WordPress (but not only). In the edition, we have a lot of modifications – for example, the sidebar can be set to 1/3 or 1/4 the width of the page, it can also be turned off altogether. The modification options are for both the home page and directly for the entry page. A well-designed layout that we get at our disposal looks really impressive.

see demo | download

4. Lookout

Theme with entries in the listing format and a very nice built-in slider. The project has many, very well-detailed details – eg a subtle animation after hovering over the title link, navigation between posts visible on the entry page or timeline on the slider. We do not have too many possibilities to modify the layout, but the theme looks interesting anyway.

see demo | download

5. Story Magazine

Something typical for a change. A theme that could successfully compete with paid options. Yes, as in the case of warehouse layouts, there are many possibilities to build a website – everything can be easily set using widgets (it is important to change the display mode of the page from the latest entries to the page). More complex in construction, but for everyone who has already dealt with this type of theme, editing should be pleasant and simple.

see demo | download

6. Twinkle

Classic, two-column or in a mixed form (the first entry on the entire width, the remaining in the form of two columns) – these options give quite a nice set of possibilities to modify the layout of the blog. In addition, a slider in the form of a carousel was built into the theme, and entries have some interesting display options. The typography is well-polished, and the author’s website also has a number of tips on how to use this theme.

see demo | download

7. The Journal

An elegant, warehouse theme with many editing options. Modification of the template is quite intuitive, as in the case of motifs of this type – the main page needs to be “sorted out” of the possible options. For this purpose, it is necessary to install the recommended plugins (after installing the theme the panel will appear) – support for the page builder plugin is very well described on the theme page.

see demo | download

8. Underwood

Simple and interesting theme with the option of setting the layout in the form of a classic blog – with one wide column – or two-column. The theme is simple to edit, with interesting options we have varied styles for the entry page. What I would change in the first place with regard to the demo version is to change the paragraph font to a more readable one (the one presented in the preview is in my opinion too delicate).

see demo | download

9. Ashe Lite

A theme that looks elegant and definitely premium. This type of look has been popular for several seasons – classic with refined typography and details: a nice navigation between posts, very neat widgets and a lively layout of elements – both on the home page and post.

see demo | download

10. Hamlet Lite

In the free version of the theme, we get a simple and easy to edit layout. This is limiting for the possibility of changing the appearance, but fans of standard, blog layouts recognize this motif undoubtedly as visually attractive. We can easily change colors in it, add social icons to the top bar or activate slider (visible in the demo version).

see demo | download

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1. Social Media Links

Social media has become the most popular and easiest form of communication. With the recent announcement from Facebook that over 2 Billion people log in daily to use their website, it would be ludicrous not to tap into this medium to reach out to a wider audience.

By using an easy to use social integration tool, websites can easily add this feature to share a message to their social circle quickly.

2. Clear Call to Action Buttons

As soon as you get a visitor to your website, it should be captivated to perform a relevant action. It can be a “Call Us Now” button or a “Sign-Up” form for a free service trial, asking the user to act immediately.

It must ensure that these buttons have the right aesthetic appeal and pop up at the right time without annoying the end-user.

3. Responsive Web Design

The use of smart phone and tablets has rapidly increased since 2012. Marketers and companies are now paying close attention to this platform where 58% of companies have a core mobile marketing team.

In such circumstances, a responsive web design is critical to developing if businesses wish to gain profitable customers. A mobile-friendly site can allow you to compete with your competitors and give your business the boost to stay ahead.

4. Email Marketing Sign Up

Email marketing campaign may seem like an outdated method to stay in touch with your customers, but in fact, it can create wonders for your business if used correctly.

Placing an email subscription form can allow you to break through the clutter of promoting your services to an audience with revenue generating results.

5. Testimonials

Word of mouth advertising is the most credible means of promoting your business. A section on your website containing remarks and comments of the customers you have previously served can instantly gain the customer trust.

The customer testimonials is a way of gaining your site visitor trust by exhibiting a good track record of your past performance. Make sure to highlight these reviews on your website somewhere near your services section to achieve effective results.