MT. Tyszka furniture catalogue

I was responsible for business card design and catalog of furniture for MT. Tyszka. Furniture store Which is engaged in manufacturing custom furniture. The visualizations based on customer suggestions and Their own projects. We adapt the furniture to housing and Requirements of our customers. All photos from the catalog I did personally. And then I […]

Barber in a box

I was responsible for designing the logo and packaging for the gel aftershave. The main profile of the company are male hairdresser, haircut, grooming and shaving of facial hair. Logo will be used on websites, advertising materials and placed on the stationary points providing w / in service. I had to conclude in the color […]

Iron paradise

I was responsible for the construction of the whole visual identification barber shop and website. The idea for the logo came from the fact that the guys wanted a modern look. Simplicity and both provide information which applies to the service. We created a logo on the model of the old man and the sea. […]


I was responsible for designing  logo and website. The idea for the logo came from graffiti. Tattoos often look like smeared with felt-tip pen. Often it is said that the body is like  paper after the draw. We created a logo on the pattern of sharp triangles and graffiti lettering. Simplicity and insane. The main colors […]

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