La’coco Web Design

I was responsible for designing the logo, the entire visual identity, packaging for coffee, packaging boxes, cups, mugs takeaway website.
The idea for the logo came from cocoa beans and good old-style coffee. Everything had to be associated with high quality and richness. On the other hand, it was to be in vintage style and luxury.
The main colors are gold (PANTONE 3514 CP) and gray (PANTONE 10386 C). Gold is associated with wealth, class, pleasure and gray is neutral. I used the artwork sketched as a background for the products. This shows how much this product is unique and how we take care of clients to fine-tune them.
Combining stylish gold with the sketch was a brilliant solution. The product looks very chic.
The main element was to build a website. The website is based on WordPress and is encoded template with bootstrap. It is a onepage landing website with an option to buy coffee beans or ground coffee.
I used a graphic polyart that the side was easy browsing.

Justin Bassan Photography

I was responsible for designing the logo and business cards
The idea for the logo came from the fact that Justin has Jamaican roots. A palm trees and other tropical plants remind me of Jamaica.
The main colors are fresh green (Pantone 2286 C) and gray (PANTONE 10386 C). Green is associated with freshness, life, optimism and gray is neutral. I used the font king basil line because that it is a personal page and handwriting seemed most appropriate. The second type was alirerons, it is more simple font only to convey information.