Iron paradise

I was responsible for the construction of the whole visual identification barber shop and website.

The idea for the logo came from the fact that the guys wanted a modern look. Simplicity and both provide information which applies to the service. We created a logo on the model of the old man and the sea. The sea is associated with transparency, and the man left of barbera feels refreshed. Shown are only the outlines of his face.

The main colors are navy blue (Pantone 2126 C) and gray (PANTONE 10386 C). Dark blue is associated with something pure and gray is neutral. I used the graphic poly art to show the simplicity and transparency.

I created the packaging for the gel aftershave and soap to the chin, where the background is a fractal waves. All inspired by water and the sea.

The main element was to build a website with an online shop. The website is based on WordPress and is encoded template with bootstrap. It is a onepage landing website with bookings visit and purchase any of the products.
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